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Sudoku, By Malsar

The Power of Sudoku

The name Sudoku or 数独 comes from Japan, a puzzle with deep roots in Asian history. 

At MALSAR, we believe Sudoku is more than just a game — it's a way of life that brings joy and personal growth.


Sudoku: Transformative Impact

Sudoku is truly life-changing. We know this, because we were honoured to hear all about it from a very special customer of ours. Our client’s great-granduncle was just like anybody else. An ordinary man. He retired after years of service, and realised he was getting weak. To spend his free time, he started playing Sudoku.
He made a friend in the game, and continued to play it every single day.
As he got older, and weaker, his body started to become more fragile. His organs began to fail. But his mind remained as sharp, and calm as ever. Sudoku remained by his side, as always. It is said that he refused to step away from his routine, till he passed away.
This inspiring story of this extraordinary individual deeply touched our hearts, and we now dedicate ourselves to providing an experience like no other to people everywhere. 
Our vision revolves around people like him, and so many more.
Let us celebrate the power of Sudoku and how it can change lives.


Malsar & Sudoku: A Love Story

Malsar invites you to step into the world of Sudoku and fall in love with us. Through fun events and a lively community, we aim to create an environment where individuals can experience the joy, mental resilience, and health benefits that Sudoku brings. 


What We Do

Sudoku Booklets: We create unique Sudoku booklets with a twist, guaranteeing excitement and boosting screen-free time.

More Details

Online Sudoku Events: We organize events which give you more reasons to solve a Sudoku every day.

  • Monthly Sudoku Challenge: A way to keep you connected with Sudoku every month. More Details

  • All India Sudoku Championship: A mega bi-annual championship for Sudoku lovers. More Details

  • Samurai Sudoku Championship: A bi-annual championship, celebrating ‘Samurai Sudoku’. More Details 

  • Kids Sudoku Championship: Brain develops the most when we are a kid, a championship to motivate kids to improve Sudoku skills. More Details

Our Sudoku Events

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