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Sat, 18 May


Online Event

Kids Monthly Sudoku Challenge (KMSC)

Kids Monthly Sudoku Challenge (KMSC)
Kids Monthly Sudoku Challenge (KMSC)

Date & Time

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18 May 2024, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Online Event


About the event

This online competition can be attended from anywhere in the world.

Participants registering for this event need to participate in the competition.

All that you need to know about the Kids Monthly Sudoku Challenge (KMSC)

The Kids Monthly Sudoku Challenge (KMSC) is an exciting event designed to challenge children. The main objective of the championship is to introduce children to the game of Sudoku at an early age, as it can help to develop their cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. By participating in the championship, children will learn to think logically, solve complex problems, and improve their concentration and memory skills.

The Challenge comprises of a 1 round which will have 2-3 problems. Participants need to solve on paper and submit the answer via form provided by organisers.

Complete details will be shared with registered participants, ensuring they are well-prepared for the competition. The problems used will be 4X4, 6X6, 8X8 for all category.  There will be different theme for each month which will be disclosed by the organiser. Participant's ranks will be calculated category-wise.  

The Challenge winner be basis the following category :

Category 1- Age: 4-6 Years

Category 2- Age: 7-10 Years

Category 3- Age: 11-15 Years

Tentative Schedule for KMSC 2024 :

17 Feb 7-8pm

16 Mar 7-8pm

20 April 7-8pm

18 May 7-8pm

15 June 7-8pm

20 July  7-8pm

17 August 7-8pm

21  September 7-8pm

19 October 7-8pm

16 November  7-8pm

21 December 7-8pm

18 January (2025) 7-8pm


1. The age of the students will be considered as on event day.

2. For participant who have purchase Practice booklet, it will be sent 2 weeks before the contest.

Why everyone should play Sudoku?

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