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Our Story

At MALSAR, we started with a mission to bring more joy into people's lives.

As we grew older, we noticed that it became harder and harder to smile for no reason. We found ourselves constantly rushing around, stressed out by work and family responsibilities, and trapped in traffic. That no-reason smile that used to come so easily had disappeared, leaving us feeling a little sad and wondering how we could get it back.

We realized that everyone experiences JOY in different ways. For some, it comes from solving puzzles, while for others it's found in a quiet moment with a good book. Some people find joy in making new friends, while others get it from dancing alone.

At MALSAR, we're building a platform where people from around the world can come together and rediscover their lost joys. Our community and events allow people to connect with others who share their interests, while our platform offers a space to explore new ideas, discover new hobbies, and find new ways to add more joy to their lives.

We believe that joy is a fundamental part of being human, and that everyone deserves to experience it. We're committed to helping people find their own path to joy, and we invite you to join us on this journey.


What We Do


At MALSAR we are building a community, where people can connect with like minded people and rediscover their JOYS. We hosts various fun and competitive events for our community, to make our members forget all the stress and expectations of the world, enjoy the moment to the fullest and reconnect with their inner child.


Check out our events section and see if any catch your eye. Who knows, you may just rediscover your lost joy with MALSAR.

Our Founder

Shivangi Bansal grew up in a large joint family in the small town in Uttrakhand, India, where celebrating festivals to the fullest was mandatory. Although her mother wanted her to excel in studies, Shivangi found her true passion in people, celebrations, and the overall vibe of joy.

After leaving her hometown for work, she realized how difficult it was to find that same sense of belonging and joy in big cities. Office parties, friends meetups, and networking events were only a temporary escape. Shivangi understood that many people were also craving for that sense of belongingness, joy, and celebration, but life wasn't giving them a chance to remember all those childlike joys that are mandatory to live life.

Driven by her passion for improving people's lives and making a positive impact, Shivangi founded MALSAR. As a former corporate professional with over a decade of experience, she combined her corporate skills with her love for celebrations to create a platform where people from around the world can rediscover the joy and celebration of their childhood.

Shivangi's vision is to help people add more joy to their lives, no matter where they are and what they do.


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