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  • I am unable to see other participants in the group?
    This is a community, only admins can see other participants in the group.
  • Where is the location/venue of the events?
    All our events are online and can be played from the comfort of your home. You can attend the competition from mobile/laptop based on the competition guidelines.
  • Can players from other countries can participate?
    Yes you can and all games will be hosted as per Indian Standard time.
  • How can I contact your customer support team for assistance?
    Contact our customer support team through WhatsApp: or via email:
  • I can’t find my certificate in Inbox?
    If you can't find your certificate in your inbox, please check the spam folder as it might have been filtered there.
  • Is there any registration fees?
    To maintain the quality and seriousness of the contest, all contest have a registration fee.
  • What happens if I experience technical issues during a competition?
    If you encounter technical issues during a competition, please contact our support team immediately through WhatsApp:
  • How to register for any competition?
    You can register for any event through the links given below: Sudoku Events: Chess Events: Kids Events: Health Events: Puzzle Events:
  • When I will get the certificate?
    The certificates are issued within 8-10 days. Everyone registered for the event will receive the participation certificates.
  • Will the chess competitions help me get a fide rating?
    Currently all Malsar contests are hosted on Lichess platform and we do not provide fide rating for any of the contests.
  • What platform or online service is used for hosting the chess competitions?
    Since this is an online chess competition we will be using the chess platform, Lichess to conduct and control the event. All participants need to register on the Lichess platform.
  • What platform or online service is used for hosting the sudoku competitions?
    Sudoku competitions are conducted on our own website, which is managed by Malsar
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