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Are you feeding your child with right food for brain growth?

We all have grown up as confident beings externally. But… isn’t there a feeling when you feel something is missing internally? This fast-paced world around us has made us do things a certain way. Ever wondered why there are so many mental health issues surfacing these days with young adults?

The answer lies within the foundation of their growth not just physically, but mentally. The foundation is the food for the brain. Were they fed the right ingredients by their mothers? This food lies within the challenges that stimulate a child’s brain growth. Kids want food, fun and games.

My mother helped me develop skills as a child.

I found my passions through hard work and challenges

You, as parents, find yourselves heavily obsessing over your child’s food.

If you are so cautious about your child’s food for the body then why not about the food for the brain?

To discover the right way, keep reading. This section dictates the chief factors that will boost your parenting skills.


Children love fun and games. Puzzles are their kind of fun. Fun and learning must go hand in hand. You want your kids happy all the time. These exciting mind puzzles(sudoku, chess, etc.) are your go-to options. Creativity opens doors for a child’s mental growth. Entertainment is necessary for a child’s creative energy to shine.

A fun environment creates a pressure atmosphere which is in turn a quick teacher. These puzzle games are fun and educative at the same time.


Mothers, especially, cannot ignore even the nitty-gritty details when it comes to their kid’s food. But, they forget that their kids need the same amount of mental food as well. Such puzzles create a fun environment that improves concentration. The hunger for learning and solving challenges boosts a child’s thinking ability.

The fun games add to the thrill and instil great personality traits in a child. Fun and creative tasks feed your baby’s brain. Be a responsible mother and listen to your child’s inner hunger. Your motherly instinct should satisfy your kid’s wants, shouldn’t it?

Children who engage in puzzle play regularly with their parents are less likely to develop anxiety, depression, aggression and sleep problems.


Parents would love to see their child grow in any way possible. The puzzles provide mental nourishment and physical confidence. Confidence sets the initial base for a child’s mental development journey.

Parents forget to consider their children as tiny bombshells of imaginative minds. These creative folks can attempt their challenges on their own. A parent’s faith would encourage the kid’s faith in himself. Mind Teasers pave the way to appreciate the capabilities of a child. Eventually, the child goes out of its way to develop independent skills.


They say Visuals leave an everlasting impact on a child’s brain and its subconscious. The puzzles not only trigger the mind channels but leave an imprint on a kid’s consciousness. Such kids become quick learners and problem-solvers. Spatial skills provide them with a superpower of reasoning and easily understanding things.

Never create a tense environment for your kid’s learning, this way they might give up on learning altogether. Instead, engage them in fun things such as brain puzzles and creative games. This will foster a healthy brain.


At times, your kids cannot find a way to express themselves. Interestingly, these creative games become a form of self-expression. They can communicate with you more confidently. This will level up the quality of your communication skills with your child. They can freely share their feelings and interact as they want.

They need your attention and love at all times. As a compassionate parent, you will try your level best but you will still feel anxious to know your child’s inner desires. Such activities prove to be an efficient mediator for your child’s inner conflicts and a considerate help for you.

A healthy relationship between you and your child will increase your child’s self-esteem. This would benefit the quality of its mental health. Eventually, such children have a higher chance of getting success early in life.


These puzzles contribute to the baby steps that can drastically impact your baby’s overall growth. Gradually, enhancing your parenting skills. Parents want the best for their child. What is more precious than seeing a huge smile on your child’s face, right? Mind teasers indulge them in a fun-loving experience.

Research conducted by UNICEF on ‘child’s mental growth through puzzle playing method’ quoted the significance of play in helping children process their emotions. The puzzle-playing method provides strength.

An insightful study conducted by the National Library of Medicine on ‘Child Development and Early Learning’ underlines the domains of a child’s theory of mind. It also talks about the improvement in cognitive abilities through puzzle play as it reinforces the brain. According to the research, children ages 14 to 17 months imitate the actions of others which signifies their grasping power. This superpower is channelled in the right direction through mind puzzles.

Your child deserves a superhero, be the one!

By the end of this blog, you must have gotten more clarity as to what was stopping you from becoming a great parent from a good one!

Are you ready to be a Super Parent?


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