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Free Sudoku Puzzle

What is Sudoku

Sudoku means ‘single number’, is a classic game originated in Japan. There are different forms of sudoku but all with the basic aim of “filling numbers without repetition”. Being the most loved game, sudoku is played worldwide by billions of people who love to take up new challenges.

How to play sudoku?

The one and ground rule of sudoku is to remember that the whole 99 grid square in front of you has to be filled with numbers from 1 to 9 in such a manner that no number gets repeated in a single row, column and 33 grids. Sudoku is a straightforward game but still requires strategic thinking. Some numbers are already provided to help you begin.

If you have learnt a simple trick, you can solve even the hardest puzzle of sudoku. It is a test of how you take use of your logic and thinking skills.For a step by step understanding of sudoku strategies and tips, you can refer to our detailed blog on it.

What sudoku can do

More than just a game, sudoku holds many cognitive benefits.​

Regularly playing sudoku can improve memory, boost concentration and enhance problem solving skills. It's a great way to keep your mind sharp and engaged. Alongwith being an awesome past time companion, sudoku can provide a sleep of satisfaction that comes after completing the hardest puzzle of the day.Discover more about the benefits of sudoku in our comprehensive benefits blog.

About Malsar

Malsar aims to make India mentally fitter by introducing varieties of puzzle challenges for all ages, motivating them through rewards, making each game an opportunity to achive and grow.

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